Kubernetes: Basic Concepts

I have been diving into Kubernetes lately, for both personal and $dayjob reasons. With the combined effect of my attendance at a recent Kubernetes workshop by Kelsey Hightower (on his very last day at CoreOS no less!) and also having the amazing opportunity to attend the inaugural and sold-out Kubecon that starts today, I figured it’s high time I tackle a “basics of Kubernetes” post.

The Benefits of a Proper Development Environment

I’ve had a number of folks approach me about the topic of development environments, so I figured it was worth a blog post.

Network Namespaces: The New Access Layer

When considering containers and how they connect to the physical network, it may be easy to assume that this paradigm is identical to the connectivity model of virtual machines. However, the advent of container technology has really started to popularize some concepts and new terminology that you may not be familiar with, especially if you’re new to the way linux handles network resources.

Network Automation: Be Bold!

I’ve had something on my mind concerning network automation, and I think it’s worth mentioning it here.

The Importance of Quality in Infrastructure Software

Infrastructure doesn’t matter.

Docker for NetOps

I have been spending this week in Silicon Valley at Network Field Day 10. One of the announcements struck a chord with me, as this year has marked some significant career changes for me: specifically an uptake in involvement with containers and software development.

Using Vagrant with CumulusVX

Cumulus recently announced their CumulusVX platform, which is a virtualized instance of their operating system typically found on network switches. They’ve provided a few options to run this, and in this blog post, I’ll be exploring the use of Vagrant to set up a topology with Cumulus virtual devices.

Big Flowering Thing

This is a rant. It borrows emotional (and some verbal) inspiration from Lewis Black’s “Big F**king Thing” bit. However, in order to keep things light and professional, I will be using the term “flower” in lieu of the four-letter word that I am using in my head.

Is Container Networking Holding On To The Past?

There has been a plethora of docker-related info on the internet this week, thanks in no small part to DockerCon, and I was motivated to finish this blog post about container networking.

Message Queues: RabbitMQ in Go and Python

I’ve been playing around with various message queue implementations for a few projects, and wanted to write a quick post on some basics.