Introducing HTTP Testing in ToDD

Now that ToDD has been in the public arena for two months, one of the things I’m happiest about is the fact that testing in ToDD is totally flexible. Thanks to the concept of testlets, ToDD doesn’t have an opinion on the specifics of your tests - all of that logic is contained within the testlet.

Interop Vegas 2016

I’m happy to be given the opportunity to speak once more at Interop Vegas in 2016. No workshop for me this year, but I will be putting on three individual talks, all focusing on topics that have been very near and dear to me over the past year.

Next-Generation Network Telemetry

Late last year, I was pleased to be part of a special Tech Field Day event focused on network analytics. We had a day full of presentations from folks like Netflix, Google, and some goofball with a wrinkly jacket - all focused on what the next-generation networks will look like with respect to analytics.

The Power of Test-Driven Network Automation

Over the past few years, I’ve seen (and contributed to) a rise of real network engineers taking on the new and sometimes challenging world of network automation. Every time I check in on Jason Edelman’s Network Automation Slack channel, I’m very happy to see the sheer number of folks asking questions, trying to get the the concepts and tools of network automation working in their own environment.

The Unspoken Benefits of Open Networking

I have noticed a lot of very premature dismissal of a growing trend in the networking industry, which is the rise of open network operating systems. Nearly every post-announcement discussion that I hear among peers tends to sound something like this:

SDN and Network Automation: Splitting Hairs?

At the recent Network Field Day 11, there were several discussions at the Cisco offices after the Cisco folks left the room. One of these discussions, led by Terry Slattery, was centered around SDN, and I think it’s worth a listen/watch (only about 20 minutes):

2015 Recap and 2016 Goals

Wow, it’s that time of year again! 2015 went by really quickly, and a lot has changed for me. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first year-end recap to be published on my new github pages site!

Training the Next-Generation Network Engineer

The networking industry is at a crossroads. In the past few years, we’ve seen a flurry of activity in the world of software-defined networking (SDN), but this has mostly just resulted in a bunch of new products. I don’t feel that this has done nearly enough to improve network operations. In fact, this has in many ways resulted in more complexity.

Kubernetes: Basic Concepts

I have been diving into Kubernetes lately, for both personal and $dayjob reasons. With the combined effect of my attendance at a recent Kubernetes workshop by Kelsey Hightower (on his very last day at CoreOS no less!) and also having the amazing opportunity to attend the inaugural and sold-out Kubecon that starts today, I figured it’s high time I tackle a “basics of Kubernetes” post.

The Benefits of a Proper Development Environment

I’ve had a number of folks approach me about the topic of development environments, so I figured it was worth a blog post.