Hello there - I'm Matt Oswalt, and the best way I can describe myself is to just fess up to it...I'm a geek. Bordering on "nerd", but doing my best. (Yes, it's an important distinction.) I realized that a technology-oriented field was my destiny when I wrote my first windows batch script as a kid.

Professionally, my focus is on networking. I enjoy learning about and operating all types of networks, but lately my focus has been on the data center. I have a lot of experience with other data center areas like storage and virtualization, but networking is really my passion, and I really enjoy applying my networking knowledge towards bridging the gap with other technology areas in a practical way. I am usually at my happiest when I can sit in a room with a virtualization guy, and a traditional networking guy, and mediate a technical conversation to get stuff done.

I enjoy talking about and working with new technology. I've spent a few years writing code professionally, as well as building and designing networks, and because of the recent churn in innovation within IT (especially networking), I am a really happy camper. I am able to use both skillsets in tandem to solve technical challenges, and that's what I love to do as an engineer: solve problems.

As a result of all of this, you can expect my blog articles to be quite a mixture of all of these topics. I might write about a vendor's solution one day, then on a homebrew coding project the next.

Blogging is a big passion of mine - I started Keeping It Classless because my writing is a form of my own learning. When I write about something, there's a pretty good chance that the article was one of my first experiences with the topic. The writing is a way for me to force myself to do the research, generate some useful information, and as an added benefit, share it with the community as a form of giving back. It also helps me, because by participating in this community, I get exposed to a bunch of incredibly smart and helpful folks, who leave helpful comments and that helps me to grow as well. I made a post on OVSDB a while back, and Ben Pfaff himself came on to comment about a fact I had wrong. How cool is that?!?

Outside of technology, I am very passionate about beer. I enjoy making (and tasting, of course) a variety of beer types and really enjoy tweaking the nerd knobs when it comes to hops, malt, and yeast. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that I enjoy making beer and talking about it as much or more than I like drinking it.

If you want to know more, my LinkedIn page is at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/oswaltmatt but also consider following me on Twitter. I am super responsive there, and my tweets are near-100% technical goodness.

Thanks for stopping by! -Matt Oswalt P.S. I am a member of a number of community programs. My full disclaimer statement is now on it's own page here.