Name: UltimateUCSBuild.ps1

Author: Matthew Oswalt

Created: 6/10/2013

Current Version: v0.2 (ALPHA)

Revision Date: 6/18/2013



A script that starts with a completely blank UCS system and configures it to completion.

This version of the script is very non-modular and static, but that will change in future versions.

My long-term vision for this script is to be simple, yet powerful. I want it to have the ability to provision lots of stuff very quickly, with minimal code changes. As it stands, this script can configure a UCS system completely from scratch (after the initial configuration like management IP adddresses, etc), in under a minute and a half.

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v0.2 (ALPHA) - Cleaned up a lot of stuff, made the script a little easier to read. 
--Automated the creation of the Host Firmware Package, but right now it is a blank policy. 
  Still needs to be manually configured if it is to do anything of value.
--Added comments

v0.1 (ALPHA)
My goal with this version was to define a workflow first, 
then in later versions, make it more efficient on a module-by-module basis.
--Populates VLAN/VSAN databases
--Performs all configuration in a sub-organization, to allow for multi-tenancy right out of the gate
--Creates all MAC/WWPN/WWNN/UUID/Server Pools
--Creates most commonly-used policies
--Creates vNIC and vHBA Templates (updating)
--Creates Service Profile Templates that use the vNIC and vHBA Templates for simplicity (updating)
--Spawns a few SPs per SPT as a final configuration step


Matt Oswalt

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