Yesterday kicked off the 5th iteration of Network Field Day. For those that haven’t heard of Tech Field Day, you need to check it out - there’s something for everyone, and it’s a great event that gets the technical details from vendors on their solutions. The delegates that are invited are what I consider thought leaders in each field. I’ve had the privileged of blogging, podcasting, and even meeting with them in person over the past few years, and they’re just the right kind of folks to help keep these vendors honest.

The week started off at Cisco, and I encourage you to take a look at those videos over on Foskett’s Youtube Channel. Today they’re talking to Solarwinds and the conversation is still very engaging.

Matt Oswalt

Matt Oswalt is an all-around technology nerd, currently focusing on networking, software development, and everything in between. He is at his happiest in front of a keyboard, next to a brewing kettle, or wielding his silo-smashing sledgehammer. He spends his days diving deep into the intersection of networking and software, and likes to blog about his experiences when he comes up for air. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIN.