Up and Running with Kubernetes and Tungsten Fabric

I have a predominantly technical background. You can show me all the slide decks you want but until I can get my hands on it, it’s not real to me. This has greatly influenced what I’m focusing on now that I’m doing more than just technical work - how to reduce the barrier to entry for people to become acquainted with a project or product.

Get Started with Junos Quickly (and free!)

When I got started in networking, my education (like so many network engineers) was all about Cisco. All my networking courses in college, as well as my early networking jobs all used Cisco curricula and equipment, and valued Cisco certifications like the CCNA/CCNP/CCIE above all.

Unit Testing Junos with JSNAPy

I’ve been passionate about the idea of proactively testing network infrastructure for some time. I revived and added to these ideas in my last post. In that post’s video, I lay out three types of network testing in my presentation:

Intentional Infrastructure

I gave a presentation at the recent Network Field Day 17 (on my 3rd day working for Juniper). My main goal for this presentation was just to get people excited about building stuff.

New Role, Same Goal

I recently gave a presentation at Network Field Day 17 wherein I announced that not only was I about to give probably the most compressed talk of my life (time constraints are unforgiving) but that I also was now working for Juniper. Until today, this was pretty much the most explanation I had time to give:

A Guide to Open Source for IT Practitioners

It’s easy to see that open source is changing the way people think about infrastructure. However, as the saying goes: “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed”. As is normal, there will always be pockets of IT where active involvement in open source will just take some more time.

StackStorm Architecture Part I - StackStorm Core Services

A while ago, I wrote about basic concepts in StackStorm. Since then I’ve been knee-deep in the code, fixing bugs and creating new features, and I’ve learned a lot about how StackStorm is put together.

Your Cheese Moved a Long Time Ago

I was recently on a panel at the Event-Driven Automation Meetup at LinkedIn in Sunnyvale, CA, and we all had a really good hour-long conversation about automation. What really made me happy was that nearly the entire conversation focused on bringing the same principles that companies like LinkedIn and Facebook use on their network to smaller organizations, making them practical for more widespread use.

Learn Programming or Perish(?)

I was honored to return to Packet Pushers for a discussion on programming skillsets in the networking industry. I verbalized some thoughts there, but even 60 minutes isn’t enough for a conversation like this.

2016 Recap and 2017 Goals

Yet another recap post to follow up on last year’s. 2015 was a big transition year for me, and last year I wanted to make sure I kept the momentum going.