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Network Configuration Templates Using Jinja2

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers – especially those that work for VARs. You’re presented with a bunch of new gear that needs to be configured and deployed, and you’re tasked with making the magic happen. It was great to wake up yesterday to read Jason Edelman’s post on Ansible for […]

The Foundation of Network Programmability

Ever since I entered this field, I’ve been interested in this concept of “network programmability”. Forgetting for a second what we’ve been talking about in the past few years since the advent of the “SDN tsunami”, even the ability to automate simple infrastructure tasks at a small scale has grabbed my attention. It’s important to […]

The DRY Principle, and Why Network Engineers Should Care

The networking industry has long speculated that coding skillsets are something that will likely become key in the future. I’m sure this will vary from job to job, but I can tell you that – at least for me – it’s already happened. I’m not even just talking about knowing syntax like Python, Java, Ruby, […]

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Automated Zoning through Ansible

Introduction to Ansible and SAN Configuration Automation

My previous post on automatically generating a SAN configuration explored what is possible when using a templating language like Jinja2, and a little Python work. I’d like to take this a step further. There are two areas I did not address in that post. The typical SAN or UCS administrator likely knows little if any Python. I’d […]

UCS vhba

SAN Automation with Python and Jinja — Part 1

One of my least favorite things to do in my day job is create or maintain a zoning configuration on a fibre channel switch, such as a Cisco Nexus or MDS. It’s tedious, very error prone, and annoying when changes need to be made. I wrote earlier in the week on the value of using a templating […]


Storage Flow Control Part 2 – Implementation and Troubleshooting

This will be a short follow-up to my last post about the idea of Flow Control in storage protocols. As a review, the three main options in common use today are: IP Storage – uses TCP windowing to provide feedback to client on how much data to send Native Fibre Channel – uses buffer credits (typically […]